Bedbugs Bites Again

Digitally remastered for the 21st Century, the classic Dream Diary strips from the 1990s return in a brand new, expanded and annotated edition. Subconscious guest appearances by Andy Griffith, Dolly Parton, William Shatner, Woody Allen and many more. Introduction by Jim Woodring.
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64 pages of Freudian comedy, 8 1/2" square TPB, with extensive notes and sketches. Painstakingly retouched and relettered.


Kate Clinton and David Vitter, drawn for The Progressive.


Pet portrait commission.


Elderly art!

I can't remember what this was for...a poster for...something...

I'm kicking myself now for not writing "My God could beat up THY God."

Came to me in a dream on the night of W's reelection.