His Brownness

B&W and color versions of just-completed self-portrait. I think I've captured my eternal bitterness and snobbery pretty accurately. This being one of the few pen and ink (ie - Flair pen) pieces I've attempted in recent years, I went way overbaord with the hatching, which looks good on the original, but closed up severely when I scanned it. Ah, whattayagonnado?
A bit more realism than usual on this one. I'm not sure why - it just came out that way.


strungbluestars said...

It was a very long time before I realized that was a pencil in your hand, and not a cigarette.

Anonymous said...

you kind or remind me of Billy Garblo in Clinton. You seen him? He now has over $45,000 for his artwork he did with Jim Loo and Frank in 2006, remember? Mr. Harvin bought 5 of his show peices in last month's bank show.