Yes, 2009 is shaping up to be the year of the Ashley portrait - perhaps this was the positive change the Obama campaign kept promising?. Here's the Grumpy One's mug done up Atari 2600-style by bead artisan extraordinare and domestic life partner Melissa Earley. I look like I'm made of styrofoam pellets, just the type of makeover I've always longed for.

Who will step up to render the next portrait of Ashley Holt? Come on, people. Never let it be said that when the torch was passed you did not heed the call...or some such Kennedy-esque motivation. Round head, beard, big "Andy Rooney" eyebrows and you're done. Get to work!


His Brownness

B&W and color versions of just-completed self-portrait. I think I've captured my eternal bitterness and snobbery pretty accurately. This being one of the few pen and ink (ie - Flair pen) pieces I've attempted in recent years, I went way overbaord with the hatching, which looks good on the original, but closed up severely when I scanned it. Ah, whattayagonnado?
A bit more realism than usual on this one. I'm not sure why - it just came out that way.