Symptoms Include: JJ Ohlinger

Portrait of the infamous JJ Ohlinger; artist, impresario, matador and onetime Queen for a Day contestant. Those who consume the free food of Greenville's numerous art openings will recognize JJ by his world-renowned midget toss and angelic rendition of "Papa Don't Preach", no gathering of the arts community being complete without them.

Be sure to check out JJ's award-winning artwork here, featuring portraits of all his sexual conquests.


jj said...

I've been laughing for the past ten minutes, so I guess i need to make some comment, but I've been rendered speechless. That never happens. I'm honored and flattered and scared and think I might need to go apologize to a whole mess of midgets in the morning. But no matter what, I've made up my mind, I'm keeping my baby.


I don't even know JJ, and this portrait makes me smile. Thanks for the link to his website ... his portraits are disturbingly lifelike and off-kilter in an original combination sure to distress so-called "painters of life" up and down the East Coast!