Suspenders and a bra?!

Lumberjack illo for this year's FLUKE anthology. (Click to gigantify)


Online commentator Benjamin D. Brucke tries to point out the hypocrisy of my argument that Dave Sim can't draw hands...and inadvertently creates a thing of beauty.


Symptoms Include: JJ Ohlinger

Portrait of the infamous JJ Ohlinger; artist, impresario, matador and onetime Queen for a Day contestant. Those who consume the free food of Greenville's numerous art openings will recognize JJ by his world-renowned midget toss and angelic rendition of "Papa Don't Preach", no gathering of the arts community being complete without them.

Be sure to check out JJ's award-winning artwork here, featuring portraits of all his sexual conquests.


A Toby by Any Other Name...

(I'm late, but I'm still at it. Click to supersize.)