Symptoms of '77

As you can see from the post below, I've embarked on an insane project: spending the year chronicling the events of 1977 with caricatures. Like you, I also assume that this task will never be completed - such are the empty promises of the blogosphere.

Why '77? Well, the first entry, the explosion of punk rock in the form of the notorious Sex Pistols, is just the beginning. 1977 was a banner year for ridiculous pop culture, the peak of the Me Decade's self-obsessive opulence, a Washingtonian experiment gone South and a virtual feeding frenzy of tastelessness and triviality. All this years before Reagan and Mr. T. I believe 1977 to be the year that American culture went into permenant recession - when we turned from the mirror of social relevance that marked the '60s and early '70s and decided to just party like it's 1999.

Join me in the Retroverse as we try to learn from the history we are doomed to repeat.

I hope you like long hair and sideburns!

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Karl said...

Are charicatures of Steve Rubell and Joey Ramone on the way?