The Powah; A Play in One Act

(Conversation I had with Melissa first thing this morning:)

Ash: I dreamed that you were fighting for farmer’s rights.

Mel: Yeah?

Ash: You went to work at the Chapman Center (local arts center where she works in real life) and you came home all Jane Fonda’d up, with buttons and leaflets, talking all kinda “power to the people” stuff.

Mel: Was that doing anything for you?

Ash: It was kinda gettin’ on my nerves.

Mel: That's because you have no soul.

Ash: I have a soul! That’s why I hate joiners!

Mel: So you’re a “joiner” if you want to help out farmers?

Ash: Yeah. It’s cuz I’ve been reading Studs Terkel. Stinkin’ pinko! Makes me wanna join the FBI.

Mel: So you can snuggle up to J. Edgar?

Ash: I wanna be like one of those guys who hassled Jospeh K.

Mel: I thought you wanted to help out the Little Guy.

Ash: No, I want The Powah! For once in my miserable life, won’t someone give me THE POWAH! (Pause) That’s going to be my campaign slogan.

Mel: It sounds like a Morrissey song.

Ash: Morrissey doesn’t want power, he just wants to be able to eat a big box of chocolate without gaining any weight.

(In truth, of course, I adore Studs Terkel and his lifelong advocacy of farmer's rights, unions, bonus marchers, sappy folk music and Paul Robeson. And hell, man....I AM Joseph K!)

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