While awaiting Obama's Socialist Utopia to save us all from economic doom, I have been forced to accept a soul-sucking, full-time job with an 80-minute commute. This, I'm afarid to say, does not bode well for my plans to document the year of 1977 in caricature form, nor engage in many creative projects at all, practical or otherwise. It does, however, give me the perfect opportunity to engage in one of my regular nervous breakdowns, in which I completely reevaluate my pathetic life's goals, perhaps giving up art entirely for the billionth time to become a nun or a racecar driver or both.

While I'm climbing the walls over this existential conundrum, please at least TRY to enjoy these animated insanities written by the completely batshit Troy England Evitt III:


Ev created these with the endlessly-entertaining moviemaking site, www.xtranormal.com

Thrdgll Communiques will resume shortly. Avoid panic buying.



Christ on a slippery cross, but I am so sorry to hear you have an 80 (EIGHTY??) minute commute in your future. I spent three years doing a 60 minute commute to Winston-Salem (120 if you add there and back together daily), and then another two years enduring a 45 minute one-way to Walnut Cove (a.k.a. "The Cove with NO water or even walnuts").

Fun Fact - Native Americans think the North American continent was built up on the back of a giant turtle. Even today, some of the elders refer to living on "Turtle Island." Awesome.

thrdgll said...

Thanks for your concern, but I meant 80-minutes combined - 40 minutes in, 40 minutes back. That's without the inevitable I-85traffic jams, of course. I guess others have it worse, but when you consider I could make it to my old job in an average of 6 minutes - actually taking the long way on purpose - well, it's a bit of an adjustmant.

That, and the job itself is ridiculously humiliating. But I know, I know...we're in a Depression, dad had to close up his haberdashery and move grandma into our tenement basement. I should be happy just to have a job at all.

But sometimes I wish I'd kept myself in shape and stayed in the porno biz.

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