Giving me the business (while possibly stealing it away)

Comics Journal message board regular Paul Salvi is making me nervous. Noticing I had omitted the Superboy actors from my Krypotonians of the Silver Screen collection, he decided to fill in the gaps by doing an effective Ashley Holt impression. Great, more competetion, just what I needed. Here's John Haymes Newton and Gerhard Christopher, both Superboys from the syndicated show of the early '90s.


Paul Salvi said...

You blogged about me? I blogged about you!


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GetBanditCat said...

Hey Ashley,
While we're on the subject of Superboy, how about some renditions of some of the characters from that crazy ongoing series, Smallville. Since they've incorporated other DCU properties in the show ( Green Arrow, Cyborg, Aquaman, The Legion, and a few more ), your unique take on them would be great to see, and I'm sure you'd get a kick out of it too. Just a thought.

Phillip Reans said...

You can should also draw Isis and Electro women and dyna girl.

Anonymous said...

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