My Business with Small Biz

Illos appearing in this month's issue of Small Biz (reproduced, appropriately enough, at a very small size). The two guys are famous economists. I've never heard of them and neither have you (sort of like being a famous illustrator). As always, there was no digital cheating on the conveyor belt art - I drew every one of those damn boxes by hand. I was daunted by the prospect, but it turned into a relaxing, meditative exercise, free of the frustration and panic of trying to get someone's eyebrows right while the deadline looms.

Mike Mussa, the guy at the bottom, is one of those cases where he's gained weight in recent years, but isn't quite a "fat guy". So it's not like drawing William Conrad, where you just start with a big circle, but his features don't have the distinction of his younger self. You have to shoot for somewhere in the middle, an unsatisfying outcome for a caricaturist.

But all in all, a very enjoyable gig, working with very appreciative people. Hope they call again!

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