The John Davey Variation

Yesterday's post, with my Shazam portrait and accompanying anti-70s rant, inspired more email in a single day than any work I've ever produced. (And thanks to those who included birthday wishes/sympathies.) This was exciting, of course, but interesting in that almost everyone (save the not-quite-right Caleb Fraid) agreed with my assessment that the show was butt-awful. It's a sad reality I guess we have to accept: poor quality television brings us together as a people. All you have to do is say, "Gary Coleman", and a stranger becomes a friend.

Anyhow, I figured I should post the companion piece, which you'll notice is slightly similar to the first. Above is John Davey, who portrayed Captain Marvel after the first season of Shazam. I preferred Davey, who seemed like a regular Joe compared to a TV weatherman-type like Jackson Bostwick. Davey struck me, in spite of his red ballet tights, like the sort of guy who would tell you to "pop the hood" if you said you were having car trouble.

That took a little sting out of those endless lectures about lying and not judging people by their gender, but not much.


Bandit Cat said...

Now you've done it... You've made me respond by saying
... 'back-off Gary Coleman! He's earned the right to run-over annoying knuckleheaded fans with his monster-truck!'
...and more importantly, I'd like to request an illo and rant, in the same vain as Shazam, of 'Bigfoot and Wildboy'. If I recall correctly that one gets your blood boiling, so the rant should be extra special! LOL...

thrdgll said...

If Bigfoot ain't bionic I don't wanna know about it!

Marcie said...

Gary Coleman

Mel said...

I think you need to do Isis now--don't be sexist in your examination of bad TV--the "chick" superhero shows were awful, too.

chickcomics said...

Enjoyed your caricatures and thoughts about Shazam! I forwarded this to Michael Gray, John Davey, and Jackson Bostwick. Les Tremayne (Mentor) is no longer with us, and he didn't have a computer when he was around anyway.