The Infinite League vs. the Miscellaneous

Presented here in its entirety (with big, stupid color added) is last year's action-packed mini-publication from Wide Awake Press: The Infinite League vs. the Miscellaneous. As a special offer, a signed copy of this long-out-of-print mini will be awarded to the first among you who can tell me where the Rocket Rogofsky character first appeared (hint: I didn't invent him). Enjoy!

Coverboy vs. the Toast

Lovebat vs. the Kung Fu Lunchbox

Captain Crypt vs. the Runaway Garden Hose

Chet Bombast vs. The Winter of Our Discontent

Powerlass vs. the Third Place Bowling Trophy

Scratchman vs. the Kitchen Curtains

Sunspot Junior vs. the Ben Cooper Frankenstein Mask

Electrognat vs. the Magna Carta

Moon Mistress vs. the Regulation NFL Helmets

Dr. Diablo vs. the Eight Piece Family Special with Extra Gravy

Night Vision vs. the Gumballs

Lady Malaise vs. the Topiary Teddy Bear

Thunderclap vs. the Duchamp-Villon

Sir Albatross vs. Eleven Sporks

Rocket Rogofsky vs. The Infinite League vs. the Miscellaneous

A Casualty

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Joy Brown said...

These are amazing! I'm so glad to have found your blog. I always love seeing your work. It just doesn't happen often enough!