Your inner dyke?

Sorta-kinda Ellen Degeneres I just finished for The Progressive. Seems she's been announced as a new model for Cover Girl makeup and Kate Clinton, author of the piece, wonders what sort of demographic Ellen is supposed to attract.

Fortunately for Cover Girl, Ellen will make a much more photogenic spokesgal than my portrait suggests.

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The evolution of Ellen's face is a curious thing ... does anyone besides me recall a so-so early Fox sitcom called "Open House?" Ellen played the whimsical receptionist for a wacky real estate firm in this mediocre attempt to provide something to watch on Sunday nights between episodes of "The Simpsons" and "Married: With Children."

In the same Fox Television dustbin can be spotted the unfunny cathode corpses of such luminaries as "Herman's Head," and "Woops!"

Back to Ellen's face. I guess it was a combination of youth and the late-80's hair-do, but she looked much softer, rounder and girlish.

Well, either that, or she was just chunkier then.