Class of '53

I've been hammering out a few practice sketches from the 1953 Garnet and Black (the University of South Carolina annual). I'm not going to post the original photos because that will reveal how far off the mark my likenesses are. Anyway, these were scanned directly from lil' teeny tiny sketches, hence their lo-res appearance.

This here's Wilfred Day Novit, an Outstanding Senior. Google turns up nothing about him, so I suppose he took that education back to the farm, never curing tennis elbow or arguing in front of the Supreme Court or winning a Pulitzer for his expose on Jackie Kennedy's hats. What a waste. He may as well have gone to art school!

As far as I can tell, Miss Bobbie Ward wasn't a student, but a "sponsor" of Pi Kappa Phi. Never having been a beer-funneling fraternity douchebag, I have no idea what that means. I suppose the Pi Kappa boys just passed her around like a doob. Poor kid. You can't tell from my portrait, but she was cute as hell and deserved much better.

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