Stripping in the Closet

More "lost" doodlings from the Secret Artwork Burial Ground (click images to enlighten):

People! You know I hate 'em! Walking around, talking about stuff, wasting my oxygen. There oughtta be a law! Here's a tantrum about the state of male public dress that's sure to secure my standing in the "you kids get offa my lawn" stage of cranky, old geezerhood.

Finally! A comic strip that speaks from a liberal point of view! That's right, Reaganites, I've never abandoned my juvenile, teenage pothead views on society's problems. I give money to homeless alcoholics, I fully support pornographers and prostitutes, and I root for the drug dealers when I watch The Wire. I may even marry a couple of drag queens and adopt a Mexican kid just to piss you off. Feel free to pray for my everlasting soul if you must.

This doodle technically qualifies as a Bedbug. I dreamed the strip idea, woke up at 3 am, giggling and scrambling for a pen. It really, really irks me that my subconscious is so much funnier than I am.

When in doubt, make fun of rednecks.


Anonymous said...

OMG...if I had been drinking milk when I read the Hitler slinky song, it would've come out of my nose. That's the funniest damn thing I've ever read!

Mel said...

You are a genius.