Half-Mast: George Carlin

No one believes it happened, I can’t find proof that it happened, but I damn well know it happened because I saw it. Sometime in the ‘80s – don’t ask me exactly when – George Carlin appeared on the Tonight Show. Johnny introduced him, he walked out to applause, sat on a stool…and said nothing for about 5 or 6 minutes.


A Grand Rejiggering

After years of threatening to do so, I have officially removed all conventional Ashley Art from the Thrdgll site, dedicating it solely to the musical side of my creative tinkering. Ashleyholt.com now contains all my portraits and other doodlings, while the Thrdgll brand is now applied strictly to my "music". There, there, I know change is difficult, but we'll get through this together.

At this point, thrdgll.com is essentially the same old crap, but I did misappropriate a few classic illustrations to dress up the joint that you may enjoy:



Skeleton Makes Good

There's so many things to feel and see while you're awake
They're just out of reach, out of grasp, yeah out of reach
And just as many, maybe more, the minute that you sleep
So I got to throw my preach
Skeleton breath, scorpion blush
I have a crush on your skeleton
Watch out, unsuspecting stranger
You'll fall off the log, headfirst into dreams, end up screaming
This will comb the wolf and that will comb the fog
What will peen the rain what will preen the hog
Oh, you mean earth and hell over you
And laugh at your tire tracks if you get up
Skeleton makes good

- Don Van Vliet