Butter and Egg Man

I awoke this morning from exhausting dreams with the phrase "butter and egg man" in my head. In my half-conscious delerium, I struggled to figure out where I had heard this phrase and what it means. A punchline from an old comedy? A Red Skelton movie? A Gong Show contestant?

I raised my head from the pillow and asked Melissa, "Who's the butter and egg man?"

"YOU are, baby", she replied.

Satisfied with this, I went back to sleep.

("Butter and Egg Man" was a play written by George S. Kaufman in the '20s. I've never seen it.)


thrdgll said...

Wait! I've just remembered! A character on Dragnet said it! Bill
Gannon is undercover as a tycoon in a gambling house. One of the
other guys calls him a butter and egg man after watching him spend big money on drinks!

Anonymous said...

Aha! Yes, I remember exactly the line you're referring to. That's one of my favorite episodes- where they "party down in one of those modern cantilever jobs".



Mel said...

I've always said that you remind me of my grandfather, and so does harry morgan--so it turns out that my comment that morning was spot on, without me even realizing it at the time.

Anonymous said...

It's also a classic Louis Armstrong recording.


Ah, Ash ... see how it always all comes back to Dragnet?

Just like for Al, only in his case, it always comes back to Batman and/or The Monkees.