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Butter and Egg Man

I awoke this morning from exhausting dreams with the phrase "butter and egg man" in my head. In my half-conscious delerium, I struggled to figure out where I had heard this phrase and what it means. A punchline from an old comedy? A Red Skelton movie? A Gong Show contestant?

I raised my head from the pillow and asked Melissa, "Who's the butter and egg man?"

"YOU are, baby", she replied.

Satisfied with this, I went back to sleep.

("Butter and Egg Man" was a play written by George S. Kaufman in the '20s. I've never seen it.)


Favorite Library Patrons

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(Yet another re-do. I was momentarily possessed with the urge to crosshatch, but I'm back to the digital age. Plus I made Tessie's correction - he is a urine-soaked Indian, not Mexican. Sorry for the interruption - I'll have brand new stuff up someday, just you wait!)