Ye Olde Obama

Here's a piece I did for The Progressive a few months back. I've done a few caricatures for that publication - and lemme tell ya, if you're in the freelance illustration game you definitely want to hook up with progressive, bleeding heart liberal clients. Three times now The Progressive has paid me for work they didn't run or that I had to redo because of some editorial misunderstanding on my part. You get that? They pay me twice for something I screw up!

Anyway, I don't usually put the Progressive work on the site because they're in black and white (and would wreck the precious full-color flow of the design), but also because I'm never terribly satisfied with them. The deadlines are usually very generous, but as we've discussed, I always want another three days to tweak and redraw or completely reinvent the piece. And, oddly, something about The Progressive brings out my Zach Trenholm influence - even Zach has commented on it. It's not a bad thing, but I can't figure it out. Maybe because they're political articles, I imagine the illo as a Salon piece. At any rate, my Progressive caricatures are always much more line-oriented.

This was the beginning of Obama's troublesome affiliation with South Carolina churches with hardcore, anti-gay leanings.

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Anonymous said...

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I only own 6 episodes, but I've rerun them to death, from a video I made in 1991.

I can say all the things the dragnet men say.

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Mitchell Simmons