The Thing That Shouldn't Exist!

Adam Koford has resurrected the old Atlas Monsters collective in the form of a flickr set: http://www.flickr.com/groups/atlasmonsters/ And the best part is he's still looking for contributors! So help Adam keep the dream of destructive giants alive by drawing a classic Atlas (or "pre hero", if you must) era monster of your choosing. Don't forget their giant underwear!

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Jimmy B said...

Ashley Holt!

LOVE your blog! I met you a few years back, at a comics book show, and just now Googled you up.

Do you ever do the APE alternate comics shows? I went 3 years ago, and loved it! DO you have any book collections out?

Would you be interested in joining my group for a talk or lecture? We meet every two months near Arkwright. We're the NUDE RELATIONS STAR ALLIANCE. We discuss any comics, sci-Fi or Trek topics. There are about 100 of us who gather and talk and trade items. We also are all nude in a private park, so there is no worry about embarrassment or anything. We have permits.

I'll call you next week to see if you'd be interested, or I can drop by for a visit. I think I know where you live, as a pal at work (at the tax agency I work at) seemed to know you and says she's seen you.

Hope you're well and fit!

Jimmy Blackberg